Topic outline

  • Mana Whakatipu (Gifted and Talented)

  • I think I (or my son/daughter/ward/friend) may be gifted- what do I do?

    A good base definition ids that gifted students display competencies that can be considered extraordinary relative to their peers.   Sometimes people have these abilities but they chose to hide them, they are masked by another issue such as dyslexia, or they have behaviours that put them at risk so the behaviour is the thing that is noticed.  Below are two models of giftedness-  Renzulli and Gagne- these are ones many people work from.  

    If you think (or someone you know) may be gifted, please email ms Thomson @  and we will take it from there.

  • Twice Exceptional : 2E

     The link to TKI NZ's very comprehensive  info is here.

    2E means that a person is gifted, but that gifting is sometimes masked by such challenges as : dyslexia, Irlen's,  physical issues, anxiety, depression ~ the list goes on. Overcoming these issues makes a personal doubly exceptional. Linking with GATE, SENCO and Guidance is a great start!


    • Acceleration

      Sometimes, we need to go higher, wider, deeper or faster to not feel like we are stuck in our learning. Acceleration has a place here. Maybe you are acing a subject at Year 10 and  have the support, maturity and desire to  skip Year 11 altogether. This can be challenging, but also worth out if your focus is extending yourself.

      Here is a link to an  impact story from Waiuku College in 2016 were a student was successfully accelerated a full year.   Scroll down until you see this: 

    • Scholarship

      Scholarship, or Schol as we lazily refer to it,  is something you can aspire to in year 12 and/or year 13. Schol is for those of you who are critical thinkers, scholars, think outside the box and love to expand their body off knowledge and perspectives in a subject. 

      Here is the link to the NZQA page. 

      Schol is not only about money, but also about learning and prestige. It looks great on your application for University or jobs, even if you don't achieve a pass. There is a body of self-directed   and teacher guided learning that goes with it.    

      Some subjects are an exam, and others are a portfolio of work. 

      So who should do it?

      1. People who are critical thinkers and like to think beyond a subject 
      2. People who are succeeding at a high level in a subject ( 1 and 2 may not be mutually exclusive)
      3. Those of you who love your subject
      4. Those who want to get into a prestigious or restricted university course

      When should you start thinking about it?

      • Year 9 onwards
      • if your teacher approaches you ( you can initiate the idea, or they might ask you)

      What next?

      Talk to Ms Thomson B7 or Ms Filipo ( Deputy Principal) or your subject teacher/Head of Department - do this early in the year if you can.

      • Learning Well in the Pit

        Look here for all sorts of stuff about learning.  

         Suggestions are welcome, even if they are  a bit  cheesy!  Lot's of educational stuff is, but we can all still learn from it. Go on, I  you!   ()