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    Student and Parent Information Centre

    Welcome to the Student/Parent Information Centre, Here you can find information relevant to students at Waiuku College.

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    Resources to help you with your academic study at Waiuku College. 

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  • NCEA Information

    This section contains general information about NCEA. You will find subject specific information on the subject pages.

  • Whare and Ihub rules

    Whare and Ihub Information


    Please take the time to read the advice and rules for the following areas, if we all do as we are asked, we can ensure that areas stay pleasant environments for everyone!

    Whare Rules

    our Whare is a very special place where we can learn many things.

    Please take good care of it...

    It is not a playground, so no running around or ball games please!

    • Remove your Shoes - stack them in an orderly fashion away from the door
    • No eating/chewing gum in the Whare
    • Water bottles are acceptable
    • No swearing in the Whare

    Manawanui - Respect

    Manaakitia - Being good hosts

    Awhinatia - Being helpful

    Tautokohia - Being supportive

    Tiakina - looking after each other and our Whare

    Aroha - Care about people - we are special

     IHub/ Library

    The Ihub is a centre of learning and information. Please help us look after it by following these guidelines.

    • The Ihub is a safe and quiet place
    • Use the seats unless browsing for reading material
    • Do not eat or drink in the library. Leave all food and drink inside your bag
    • Turn phones to silent. Go outside the Ihub to make or take a call
    • Computer space is only for people seated at computers or in study rooms
    • Use the computers respeonsibly

    Note: Students will be banned from the Ihub if warnings are ignored.