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Extended Admin today Wed 7th June

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Extended Admin today Wed 7th June
by Todd Malcolm - Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 8:13 AM

During Extended Admin please focus on the following:

·Attitude to Learning Report - the students need to login to Edge via the student portal to view their ATL grades and teacher comments. Staff can view student's ATL grades and comments by going to:

Edge > People > Student Details > Search Students > Assessment Summary.

Use the drop down menu to change subject or Attitude. Hover your cursor over the graph to view scores and comments. 

This is what the grades mean:

1.Well below the expected level

2.Below the expected level

3.At the expected level

4.Above the expected level

5.Well above the expected level

students to compare their teachers' assessment of their performance with their own assessment. Although there isn't a dedicated space in the Academic Counselling booklets students can record their thoughts in any of the blank spaces on page 16 under their self-evaluation of their performance during Term 1.

·Complete Term 1 Review and Updating Learner Profile - a large number of students didn't complete their Term 1 Review nor update their Learner Profile record of achievements during our last extended admin. Use this time to complete these tasks.

·Part 4 Options - In preparation for the last extended admin of this terms students should read through Part 4: Options. Each year level, except Yr13, is provided with information about options choices for next year. The students can record their current thinking about their choices for 2018. We will re-visit this at the end of this term.

·Here are the bell times for wed extended admin:

·Pd1                                8:45 - 9:40

·Extended Admin      9:40 - 10:20

·Interval                        10:20 - 10:50

·Pd2                                10:50 - 11:45

·Pd3                                11:45 - 12:40

·Lunch                            12:40 - 1:25

·Pd4                                1:25 - 2:20

·Pd5                                2:20 - 3:15